Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Building a fish tank into an existing wall

The original fish tank & stand restricted the room to a smaller dining are. Building the tank into the wall allowed for storage at the opposite wall and a means to hide the wires, filters and equipment. Picture framing the opening almost seemed to transform a tank of water into a piece of art. You see here how the simple pine picture frame conceals the spaces around the tank with out having to frame the tank in tight space. A single silicon caulk bead allows the trim to look as if the tank was sized for the opening.Remember that houses and glass move over time and during temperature change. Be sure to size the rough opening for the tank to allow movement. We held two inches at the top and sides which should be sufficient. Remember to check with an Architect or Engineer before cutting into walls and adding weight to your floor system.
fish tank in wall 3
The finished project. This built in project was a fun and easy job for the most part. I recommend you consult a local professional to size headers for bearing walls and Electrical should be GFI. To make cleaning easier we plan to run water and drainage to the area.
fish tank in wall 4

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